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Sustainable Monarch Joins the Monarch Joint Venture

Monarch Joint Venture is delighted to welcome Sustainable Monarch to the MJV partnership! Sustainable Monarch is a nonprofit organization which works to protect the native plants butterflies need and promote economic development through milkweed-based products and activities. They encourage sound stewardship of natural resources and work with partners to establish a network of habitat reserves managed specifically to support monarch breeding and migration. Sustainable Monarch’s mission is to fuel the monarch migration by creating novel solutions that benefit local communities.

Sustainable Monarch is creating a land trust for monarch butterfly habitat. Known as the Sustainable Monarch Reserves, these habitats under conservation easement help to build a network of sites from Mexico to Canada that are specifically managed for butterflies. The nonprofit is acquiring properties through purchase and donation, working with landowners on conservation easements, and developing economic incentives to bolster wildflower plantings across North America. Recently, the Butterfly Ridge Conservation Center, Ltd in Rockbridge, Ohio was designated as the first property enrolled in the Sustainable Monarch Reserve system.

Sustainable Monarch works most closely with landowners in the agricultural sector and encourages people of all backgrounds to plant for pollinators. We embrace innovative thinking and bringing new resources to monarch conservation and are excited to be working with Sustainable Monarch on their unique approach! To learn more about their work, please visit

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