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Welcome to Sustainable Monarch Reserves


Monarchs need your help. Their numbers continue to decline and it's going to take innovative action to provide the  resources butterflies need to live and increase their population. We are establishing a network of butterfly reserves within migratory pathways to accomplish monarch recovery. Your contributions will be leveraged as matching funds to attract new partnerships to  purchase properties, work with landowners on conservation easements and develop economic incentives to bolster wildflower plantings across North America. Sustainable Monarch Reserves will serve as the anchor that other stewardship activities can be planned around to improve connectivity & create a dynamic ecosystem that gives monarchs the ability to move across the landscape within preserved corridors. Suitable  properties  are  available &  there  are  landowners  willing  to work with us.  


We will protect important sites for monarchs & other butterflies. The novel approaches include creating what, to our knowledge, is the first land trust dedicated to saving the places monarchs need & managing them specifically for the native plants that support the butterfly life cycle into the future.  Communities will see value from vegetation intended to increase monarch numbers through economic activity generated by  tourism, market-based natural products and other benefits of nature that people enjoy.  

Please join us in this important work:

Reserves are managed specifically for butterflies through a variety of strategies:

Donated Land - property gifted to the organization.

Conservation Easements - sites protected by management plans.

Cooperative Agreements - co-management, leasing or other MOU.


Butterfly Ridge Conservation Center, Ltd., Ohio

Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch, Georgia

Beagle Ridge Herb Farm & Environmental Education Center, Virginia

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