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Andrea DeSimone is a renowned Aesthetician and Skincare Consultant specializing in seasonal solutions for all skin types. When Andrea met milkweed oil, she was amazed by its ability to soothe and replenish skin. Andrea created her own Butterfly Serums inspired by the benefits of milkweed oil and the iconic monarch butterfly migration.

For over 25 years, Andrea’s avid curiosity about skin and its relationship to overall well-being has led her in rich and wonderful directions. One of which, was to Champion Milkweed Seed Oil in her Butterfly Serums. In order to develop her personal approach to skincare, Andrea uses holistic remedies, nutrition, yoga, lymphatic massage and women’s health. Education and exploring the “Whole” in personal development and environment fuels her skincare philosophy.


She received her formal training from Lia Schorr and had the opportunity to work with industry legends such as Susan Ciminelli, Anne Semonin and Jo Malone.

In her Manhattan studio, Andrea treats clients with special attention to their preferences and personal skin histories. There’s no skin dilemma too intimidating for Andrea. As someone who struggled with cystic acne, eczema, and skin allergies in her teens and twenties, she welcomes the opportunity to restore problematic skin to a glowing state of health.

We are grateful for entrepreneurs like Andrea that see the potential in Milkweed and use it in products that help people and protect monarch butterfly habitat.

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