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Discussion of the Idea

We value natural landscapes and look to partner with companies who care. Care about biodiversity and care about communities. Using the renewable, natural resource of milkweed in everyday products will increase monarch habitat throughout the Flyway. Our goal is to protect habitats while helping people. Both criteria must be met to have Monarch Flyway materials. We stand out as a shining example of how to do things the right way – working WITH Nature.

Our Network protects a lot of habitat. Currently, we know of more habitats that include biodiversity and milkweed than we can sell. When communities are paid for milkweed pods, the habitats flourish. When the habitats do not create value for landowners, they are ripe for eradication.

Actively Seeking Conservation Partners


With the disparity between supply and demand, finding new brand partners will help us keep the habitat across North America intact and growing. Don’t have a product in mind? We can keep these landscapes protected with a financial donation for habitat protection.


Business Leads the Way to Conservation

  • Product Development & Inventors: Milkweed has many possible uses and the products currently on the market only scratch the surface. Product development is ripe for innovators and game changers to create something new and help us change the world in the process.

  • Visionary Entrepreneurs: Thought leaders are our allies. Business as usual needs an overhaul. We have vast knowledge of possibilities for milkweed products and need ACTION oriented businesses to change the landscapes.

  • Social Enterprises: Our model works well for community co-ops and local cottage industries. Our network connects across North America, so if you need more milkweed than your area provides, we can help you source it sustainably.

  • Fortune 500: Want to improve your products and add to your environmental and social impact? Monarch Flyway materials tell stories of hope, regeneration, and true restoration. Based on our network, we can supply mid-volume product lines. As volumes increase, expansion will help even more communities and restore natural landscapes.

Market-Based Conservation Partners


Monarch Flyway

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