CONSERVATION - Keystone Change

Look at our landscapes with new eyes. We are all connected and what you and your community does makes a huge difference in the health of the planet. Our plan is simple. Work WITH Nature. Native Americans used milkweed extensively for food, fiber, and medicines. By opening our minds to possibilities and recognizing the plight of the monarch butterfly and its imperiled migration, we can help them get from Mexico to Canada and back. Imagine them traveling from community to community where they need milkweed and nectar plants in enough abundance to get them and their offspring in a position to continue the journey for future generations. At the same time, communities who protect the habitats become more prosperous.

Environmental Services – Water – Soil – Air

Water quality, soil health, and carbon sequestration are all benefits of including monarch habitat at scale within community landscapes. From road ditches to power lines, to prairie strips within agricultural lands, little pieces of habitat add up to a healthy migration and healthier planet.

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