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People. Planet. Partnerships.

Our vision extends beyond connecting habitat across North America.  We want to connect people inside and outside the community. We want to end the stress of underemployment in rural America. We want to preserve the country lifestyle where communities gather and build and laugh together.

We are about building partnerships and growing communities so that the Nature Based Solutions we offer and implement change the landscapes both literally and figuratively.




We want to connect YOUR community to the Monarch Flyway Network. Moving toward a common goal and protecting healthy monarch habitat is just the beginning. While saving the monarch migration is important, it also helps the planet by increasing biodiversity, improving soil and water quality and sequestering carbon.




Children are the future. Learning about and caring for nature needs to be a hands-on experience. Science, art and history lessons help spur greater curiosity and problem solving skills.


The Monarch Flyway runs across North America. With milkweed and nectar plants, roadsides  host a variety of pollinators while requiring less maintenance and saving DOT’s money.

Power Plus

More than power can travel the Right-Of-Way. This connected habitat helps monarchs migrate and reduces overall carbon footprint through environmental services and less mowing.

Business Growth

Habitat Heroes Wanted! Milkweed materials can be used in cosmetics, textiles, insulation,  medicines, oil spill clean up kits, composites, paper and more. Milkweed is full of “Super Powers”.


Community Action

Our Sustainable Monarch Communities are “First Class Noticers”. Noticing the world around them and seeing the impact of monarch habitat gives it value. Finding caterpillars, watching it transform into a monarch and letting it go, creates connection. Noticing the trash in road ditches or parks and getting people together to clean up the “Trash in the Trees”. Informing local road maintenance workers about the habitat on the roadsides or the power companies to protect their ROW habitat.


A Learning Community

Our dynamic programs cover a variety of learning opportunities; from STEM science kits to art projects, business and community development programs. In order to help people and create prosperity, learning is a must for vibrant places to live, work and play. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been protecting monarch habitat for years, there is always something new to learn. Want to get YOUR community started? We have tips to help you engage and connect.


Amazing Results

When communities protect monarch habitat, they are in a unique position to use the renewable, natural resource of milkweed pods to supplement local income or even start a business in the community that will bring it even more value. Market based conservation means you protect natural habitats by using the resources around you.

Think of bison, a species that was almost extinct until we used it  for meat and textiles.

Monarch habitat can return to healthy levels through valuing the natural resources and the land’s environmental services.


Every community makes a difference and where to start can be overwhelming. We have tools to help communicate with power companies, farmers, ranchers, roadside managers and more.

Start where you are. Look out your window. Pay attention to what is growing in the roadside ditches, near the power lines, and in the fields. Do you see milkweed? Let the landowner or manager know that they are contributing to the Monarch Flyway!

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