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Ogallala Comfort created the first market based monarch habitat conservation product by creating luxury bedding with a twist. Instead of all goose down, they added 30% milkweed fiber to the down. What happened next transformed the bedding industry. Hypodown was the first hypoallergenic goose down on the market. Adding milkweed fiber to the down enhanced the natural properties of down while providing the benefits of breathability and allergy relief. So breathable in fact, you may not have to stick your foot out from under the covers to get comfortable!

Herb Knudsen founded Ogallala Comfort as a low volume, high value product that could keep his dream of his milkweed business, Monarch Flyway, alive. As he was working to increase the supply chain, he needed to sell a product that could cashflow living wages, highlight the benefits of milkweed fiber, and generate income for more research. Ogallala Comfort is still family-owned and operated in Ogallala, Nebraska; a rural ranching community of 5,000 people.

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