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Benefit golf tournaments to raise funds for pollinator conservation & education programs.

Sustainable Monarch is looking to partner with golf courses on tournament hosting to highlight wildflower plantings & sound management practices to protect bees and butterflies. 

We can assist with coordination for comprehensive events that feature habitat tours, presentations, silent auctions, catered meals & more! 

Contact us today to host an event. 

As demonstrated by golf course pollinator initiatives in recent years, there is a strong interest in creating and maintaining habitat on golf properties. The limiting factor to implementing plantings has been lack of financial incentive & the need for technical assistance to begin. There is an opportunity to bring the various efforts together by generating funds that can be used for native wildflower restorations as a group. The Golf With A Buzz program ( from Sustainable Monarch is a way to host golf tournaments to benefit projects by bringing additional match and fund direct action on-the-ground for bees, butterflies & other wildlife. While grant funding has been secured for installations in the past, the geographic applicability and time-limitations associated with competitive grant opportunities hinders adoption by excluding interested Superintendents whose properties do not fall within the priority areas for funding. The funds generated by the tournaments will be distributed by Sustainable Monarch to support approved projects. 

There is an opportunity to use fundraising tournaments to bridge the gap between the golf and agricultural sectors. Golf course projects, due to their high visibility, can draw attention to needs of pollinators across the broader landscape where a portion of money raised can be slated for gardens and larger plantings that cut across landownership type from urban to rural. As independently-generated private resources, revenue from events can serve as match for farm, school, watershed and other grants that exist. The flexibility will allow companies that operate in the golf sector and other spaces to highlight the good work of entities at a cross-section of society. Golf courses could more easily integrate projects with their neighbors with unrestricted funds and establish community-wide pollinator trails or similar ideas to scale conservation up to the landscape level.


Businesses are familiar with golf tournament sponsorship levels and by bringing in non-traditional partners, the influence of Golf With A Buzz will attract a wider audience than an event focusing on one sector or another alone.  The professional network that can be tapped into at local venues can add up to a significant amount of support.

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