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When their small community in Isle, MN started collecting milkweed pods to preserve monarch habitat and provide extra income to people willing to work, an idea launched into a new product at Tinshack, a small, independent shepherd of Shetland Sheep. And avid knitter and passionate about her flock, Penny created “Ava and Milkweed”: Ava is a beautiful Shetland ewe and the milkweed floss from the pods integrated perfectly with the wool and gave it an even softer hand.


The lightweight yarn is 90% Shetland wool and 10% milkweed floss picked from their local community. The Ava and milkweed skeins are 150 yards.

From a chance encounter with two Shetland sheep ewes named Freckles and Frances, the TinShack has grown their little flock to 36. We are grateful for openminded entrepreneurs like Penny who see ways in which her business can incorporate a piece of the “Butterfly Trail” into her products.

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