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Butterfly Tourism Supports Conservation

Banner images courtesy of Robert Gilson, Fauna Ventures, LLC.

Fauna Ventures, LLC has made a commitment to donate a portion of its proceeds to projects that are working to conserve butterflies by expanding knowledge of natural history and habitat preservation. In the latest move to support a charity through its expeditions, Founder Robert Gilson, has teamed up with Sustainable Monarch. Mention Sustainable Monarch at checkout to redeem a special offer code which will direct critical funds (10% of ticket sales) to secure properties through easements, cooperative agreements and acquisition that provide resources butterflies need. The next opportunity to get involved is an excursion to the Amazon Basin! For more information about how you can get on the roster for the amazing adventure with expert guides, visit the booking site for details. Sustainable Monarch is working with partners to establish a network of sites specifically managed for butterflies that will facilitate butterfly movement across the landscape and benefit local communities through economic incentives. Fauna Ventures, based out of North Carolina, has created an eco-tourism business that offers amazing trips to enjoy the natural beauty and local cultures of areas from Texas to Colombia.

“I am excited to work with Fauna Ventures,” said Marcus Gray Executive Director of Sustainable Monarch, “The connection between tourism and stewardship are often discussed but we have the chance to take it a step further by having registration fees going directly to protecting butterflies and the places they rely upon.”

Started in 2018, the company is fostering work on the Guide to Butterflies of Honduras, the Emerald Valley Butterfly Festival and other programs. Staying in local accommodations, sourcing meals within the community and purchasing souvenirs while on trips supports people of the areas included on the itineraries. In addition to butterflies, clients will see a wide array of species from birds and mammals to reptiles and plants due to the diversity of the regions visited. Travel goes a long way to giving travelers insights into other parts of the world and helps break down biases and preconceptions of our fellow human beings. Going on a vacation to watch butterflies can support scientific discovery and give you a greater appreciation for natural resources management topics at home and abroad.

“We launched Fauna Ventures with the idea that our tours would benefit nature and communities. By working with Sustainable Monarch, those aspirations will be realized.”

-Robert Gilson, Founder, Fauna Ventures LLC.

As travel opens back up to destinations, the butterfly tour team will follow local guidelines related to social distancing, sanitation and vaccination. If you would like to see what Robert and his crew are all about and support their work; connect for more details, updates and guidance on international travel.

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